“Doing Business with Fidelity is our passion!”

Loofah Plant
Loofah fruit


We are a company that work in the export of Vegetable Sponges – Loofah and other paraguayans products. We began this beautiful challenge in 2003.

Our team of loofah producers has a high training in the development of this products. Thus reaching the highest Quality for the European Customer. In this way a synergy is generated that allows a Pro-active relationship between all of us. We produce 100% natural and artisanal products, with ecologically friendly techniques for the environment. We know that the products we produce are for personal and daily use (prepared for intensive use), which commits us to the non-use of harmful products that damage the skin.


We work always based on credibility, with the Suppliers and with our Customers. Thus, we believe that loyalty and credibility between the parties are essential, which orients us to a joint activity in the long term with all the parties that we work with.


We are oriented to create and generate New Markets, obtaining Sustainable Long Term Business.


  • Credibility.
  • Integrity.
  • Constancy.
  • Fidelity.
  • Long-term vision.


We seek to promote the national products of Paraguayan artisans in the European market and in the world. Demonstrating our great management ability to reach different markets with quality and seriousness.